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User agreement (hereinafter Agreement)

Of «23» June 2014

The present edition of the Agreement  
published «23» June 2014

Put in force by order No 28

1. Preamble

1.1. By publishing the present Agreement Limited Liability Company “Rnarod” (hereinafter referred to as LLC “Rnarod”) in conformity with clause 438 of the Civil Codex of the Russian Federation offers any Internet User (hereinafter – User) to use the resources of “Rnarod” (clause 1.3 of the Agreement) via registration in the united registry system of users of LLC “Rnarod” resources.

1.2. The Agreement comes into force from the moment when the User confirms that he agrees with its terms in on the basis of clause 1.4 of the Agreement, and establishes the basic rules and principles of work of LLC “Rnarod” resources.

1.3. Within the context of this agreement LLC “Rnarod” Resources are distinguished as internet-resources with the following domain names: рнарод.рф, rnarod.su (hereinafter referred to as – «Resources»). Using Resources existing at the present moment, any further development and/or including new ones into the list is regulated by the present Agreement and other documents published by LLC “Rnarod” on the web-pages of such resources. These documents regulate the work of each Resource separately and become an integral part of the present agreement. In case of conflict between the Agreement and terms of using any of the Resources the highest priority is granted to the terms of using any particular Resource.

1.4. The present Agreement can be amended by LLC “Rnarod” without any special notification, the new edition of the Agreement comes into force from the moment of its publication in the Internet (specifically on the page indicated in this paragraph below), unless anything else is stipulated by the new edition of the Agreement. The current valid edition of the Agreement is published on the page http://rnarod.su/terms-of-use-eng/. In case the User disagrees with any amendments to the Agreement, he is entitled to discontinue using the Resources.

1.5. Proceeding to the use of any Resource or its separate function, or having passed the registration as a User of any Resource, or while registering at LLC “Rnarod” resources, the User thereby entirely accepts all the terms of the present Agreement, without any exceptions or stipulations, including the whole list of other documents published by LLC “Rnarod” on the pages of its resources and regulating the operation of any particular resource. In case the User disagrees with any clauses or provisions mentioned above, he is entitled to discontinue using the Resource.

2. Registration of Users and Use of Resources

2.1. After the registration procedure is finished, a unique account of LLC “Rnarod” resources User is generated. This account is essential for the profound use of most functional capacities, tools and services of the Resources and thus LLC “Rnarod” does not require any separate registration of the User on each particular resource.

2.2. While registration the User is obliged to provide trustworthy and full information about himself, fill in the registration form and keep this form up-to-date. If the User provides incorrect information or if LLC “Rnarod” has reasons to suppose that the information provided by the User is incorrect or unauthentic, LLC “Rnarod” is entitled to block the access or remove the account and forbid to use any Resources or specific functions of them.

2.3. LLC “Rnarod” has the right to demand from the User a confirmation of all data indicated at registration and ask for any kind of documents (in particular - identity card). Refusal to present the documents is equal to providing incorrect information and may have consequences stipulated in clause 2.2. of the present Agreement. In case the identification data of the User presented in the documents does not correspond with the data provided at registration, and in case the data indicated at registration does not allow identifying the User, LLC “Rnarod” is entitled to forbid the User to have access to his account and to use any Resources.

2.4. Information about the User, related to the account, is stored and processed by LLC “Rnarod” in compliance with clause 3 of the present Agreement.

2.5. At registration the User chooses the login (unique symbolic name of the User’s account) and a password for getting access to the account. LLC “Rnarod” is entitled to prohibit the use of certain login names, and has the right to settle specific requirements to login names and passwords – meaning the length, allowable symbols, etc.

2.6. The User is responsible for all actions (and their consequences) undertaken within the framework of all LLC “Rnarod” services under the User’s login name, including the cases of voluntary transfer of access data by the User to third parties.

2.7. The User is responsible for the safety and reliability (anti-guessing quality) of the password chosen, and provides its confidentiality by himself.

2.8. LLC “Rnarod” is entitled to block or remove the User’s account or forbid access of the account to certain Resources, or remove any content of the Resource without explaining the reasons, including the cases when the User breaks the terms of the Agreement or any other documents stipulated in the present Agreement.

2.9. LLC “Rnarod” is entitled to set limits to the use of Resources by all Users or by some groups of Users (depending on the residence of the User, the language of the service rendered, etc.); the limits may concern: presence/absence of specific functions, maximum period of information and data storage, special parameters of the information downloaded, etc.)

2.10. LLC “Rnarod” is entitled to send Users informative messages about the services of LLC “Rnarod” and about the work of affiliated partners and parties, as well as about specific functions of Resources.

2.11. The User is responsible for the information he publishes and should make sure that this information corresponds with the existing legislation; he also bears responsibility in front of third parties when he publishes information which violates rights and legal interests of third parties, including personal non-property rights of authors, other intellectual property rights of third parties, or/and infringes upon intangible assets belonging to third parties.

2.12. The User accepts that LLC “Rnarod” is not obliged to effect preliminary checking of any information published or/and spread by the User via LLC “Rnarod” Resources. The User also accepts that LLC “Rnarod” at its own discretion has the right (not a duty) to forbid the User to publish or/and spread any data or information and to remove any data or information available via Resources. The User is aware of and accepts that he himself has to evaluate all risks, connected with the publication and spreading of such data and information, including the evaluation of reliability, completeness and usefulness thereof. 2.13. The User is aware of and accepts that the operational technology of Resources may require copying (reproduction) of data and information of LLC “Rnarod” User, as well as its processing by LLC “Rnarod” in accordance with the technical demands of Resources.

2.14. The User himself bears responsibility in front of third parties for his actions concerning the use of resources, including cases when such actions bring to violation of rights and legal interests of third parties, as well as for law compliance while using Resources.

2.15. While using Resources the User has no right to:

2.15.1. download, send, transfer, publish or/and spread information which is illegal, harmful, slanderous, offensive, immoral; demonstrates or popularizes violence and cruelty, breaks intellectual property rights, propagandize hatred or/and discrimination of other people by racial, gender, religious, social features; contains offences addressed to persons or organizations; contains elements or popularizes pornography, infantile eroticism, advertizes or popularizes any sexual services (also under the guise of other services), explains the procedure of manufacturing and using narcotic drugs or their prototypes, explosives or other kinds of weapons;

2.15.2. break the rights of third parties, including non-adults or/and do harm to them in any form;

2.15.3. pretend to be another person or representative of organization or/and community not having sufficient rights for that, including the case of pretending to be LLC “Rnarod” employee, and use any other forms and types of illegal representation of other people in the Internet; deceive other Users or LLC “Rnarod” regarding the qualities and characteristics of any subjects or objects.

2.15.4. download, send, transfer, publish or/and spread any information having no legal right for this kind of activity according to the existing legislation or having no right confirmed by any kind of contractual relationship;

2.15.5. download, send, transfer, publish or/and spread any advertizing information without special permission, spam ( including searching spam), lists of other users’ e-mail addresses, schemes of financial and other pyramids, multilevel networking marketing (MLM) schemes, systems of internet earnings, e-mail spam businesses, “happiness messages”, and use the Resources in any way for the above;

2.15.6. effect unsanctioned collection and storage of personal data of other Users;

2.15.7. break normal operation of the Resources;

2.15.8. place references and links with Internet resources, which content contradicts with the existing legislation of the Russian Federation;

2.15.9. participate in any actions aimed at breaking the limits and prohibitions stipulated by the present Agreement;

2.15.10. in any other way break legislation regulations, including regulations of international law.

3. Confidentiality

3.1. Accepting the present Agreement, the User confirms his consent to processing his personal information and private data by LLC “Rnarod” .

3.2. While using Resources, LLC “Rnarod” collects and processes the User’s information, namely:

3.2.1. information provided by the User during registration;

3.2.2. coоkie files;

3.2.3. IP-addresses;

3.2.4. parameters and installation-specific settings of Internet Browsers.

3.3. LLC “Rnarod” processes the User’s information in different ways, in order to provide proper services to the User (identification; authentication, transfer of information upon the User’s subscription, answers to the User’s inquiries and messages, and other actions

required at times for rendering proper services).

3.4. LLC “Rnarod” uses depersonalized data for targeting of advertizing or/and informative materials according to age, gender, and other characteristics, for running statistics research, for other goals.

3.5. LLC “Rnarod” has the right to pass the User’s information fully or partially to third parties without special notification of the User in the following cases: to persons who possess or have the Resource/Resources under jurisdiction; to persons who are connected or affiliated with LLC “Rnarod” ; to the new owner of LLC “Rnarod” for processing data in compliance with the aims stipulated by the present Agreement; to other Users of Resources, if there is appropriate functional within the framework of these Resources.

3.6. During the interaction of Users and Resources there can be found codes of Internet Resources belonging to third parties, as a result of this, third parties may get the data mentioned above. Among others, these Internet-Resources belonging to third parties are:

3.6.1. systems of collecting the attendance statistics (for example, counters like bigmir.net, Google Analytics, etc.);

3.6.2. social plug-ins (blocks) of nets like Facebook, etc.;

3.6.3. systems of banner demonstration (like AdRiver, etc.);

3.6.4. other resources.

3.7. Geo-referenced information is automatically required by Resources. This geo-referencing is visible to all Users unless the User chooses in the settings one of three options: visible to all; visible to friends; not visible to anyone.

3.8. The User has all rights of protection of his personal information, provided by the existing legislation of the Russian Federation, namely by the Federal Law “About Personal data”.

3.9. Processing of personal information is effected in data-centres, where the equipment, providing proper functioning of Rnarod, is located. The Administration takes all legal measures to protect the User’s personal information; specifically data processing is effected with the help of equipment kept in secured premises with limited access.

3.10. In compliance with the existing legislation the User has the right to recall his consent to proceeding his personal data in the following way: the information, placed by the User before on Resource rnarod.su, can be removed independently by the User; an inquiry to remove the personal page of the User can be send to the address: support@rnarod.su

3.11. Information disclosure can be effected only in compliance with the existing legislation upon the request of court or law machinery, and in other special cases, stipulated by law.

4. Intellectual property rights and responsibilities

4.1. The User has no right to reproduce, repeat and copy, sell or re-sell, use for commercial goals any parts of Resources (including information, available for the User via Resources) or use access to Resources, with the exception of cases, when the User gets a special permission from LLC “Rnarod” or when it is stipulated by special rules concerning operation of the corresponding Resource.

4.2. All objects, available through the Resources, including the elements of design, text, graphic objects, illustrations, videos, computer programs, databases, music and other objects, placed by means of Resources, are all objects of exclusive right of LLC “Rnarod”, Users and other copyright holders. Logotypes of the portal have TM certificates. Mobile applications are deposited.

4.3. Use of Resources is possible only within the framework of the functions offered by this or that Resource. None of the elements of Resources, no information placed by means of Resources can be used in other ways without preliminary permission of the right keeper. Under “use in other ways” are meant: reproduction, copying, processing, distributing on any basis, frame representation, etc. Exceptional are cases stipulated by the existing legislation of the Russian Federation and operational terms of this or that Resource.

4.4.Personal and non-commercial use of Resources and other data and content by the User is allowed if all copyright marks are kept, as well as associated intellectual property rights, trade marks, other copyright notices; if the name (or pseudonym) of the author or title of the copyright holder is kept unchanged, and the corresponding object is kept unchanged. Exceptional are those cases, which are directly provisioned by the legislation of the Russian Federation or by the terms of use of the corresponding Resource.

4.5. Resources may contain links to other web sites in the Internet (web sites of third parties). Above mentioned third parties and their content are not checked by LLC “Rnarod” for conformity with any requirements (of authenticity, sufficiency or legacy, etc.). LLC “Rnarod” is not responsible for any information or materials published on the web sites of third parties, which become available to the User along with the use of Resources. LLC “Rnarod” is not responsible for the availability of such web sites or information and for the consequences of using them by the User.

4.6. Link (in any form) or reference to any web site, product, service, any kind of commercial or non-commercial information, published within the framework of Resources, does not mean approval or recommendation of this product (service; activity) from the side of LLC “Rnarod” , excluding the cases when it is directly stated by LLC “Rnarod”.

4.7. Unless otherwise is stipulated by the terms of using a corresponding Resource:

4.7.1. The User uses Resources at their own risk. All services are granted “as they are”. LLC “Rnarod” does not take upon itself any responsibility, including responsibility for the conformity of Resources with the User’s goals.

4.7.2. LLC “Rnarod” does not guarantee that: Resources conform/will conform with the User’s demands; Resources will be available continuously, promptly, firmly, without errors; the results which may be received with the help of Resources, will be precise and reliable and can be used for any objectives (for example for establishing or/and confirmation of some facts); the quality of some product, service, information, etc., emerged with the assistance of services, will coincide with User’s expectations;

4.7.3. Any information or/and materials (including downloaded programs, letters, manuals, user instructions, etc.), access to which the User gets by means of Resources, the User uses at his own risk and he himself bears all responsibility for the possible consequences of using the above mentioned information or/and materials, including damage they can do to the User’s computer or to third parties for the data loss or any other damage.

4.7.4. LLC “Rnarod” does not bear responsibility for any kinds of losses, occuring as a result of using Resources by the User.

4.7.5. Under any circumstances responsibility of LLC “Rnarod” in accordance with clause 15 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation is limited to 20 000 (twenty thousand) RF Rubles and is laid on LLC “Rnarod” if there is approved guilt in its actions.

4.8. If some person is registered as User on behalf of a company which authorizes this person for that, it means that the company accepts the present Agreement and is obliged to protect LLC “Rnarod”, its subsidiaries, leadership, agents and employees from any legal actions, judicial proceedings, court examinations, connected with the use of Resources or with the breach of the present Agreement by the User, and protect from any responsibility, including financial, in respect of suits, damage, loss, legal proceedings, court examinations, costs, and retainers.

5. Final provisions

5.1. The present Agreement is regulated and interpreted in accordance with the existing legislation of the Russian Federation. All matters, not regulated by the present Agreement, are subject to settlement in accordance with the existing legislation of the Russian Federation. All possible disputes, arising from the relationship regulated by the present Agreement, are settled in order, established by the existing legislation of the Russian Federation, in conformity with RF legal propositions. Within the text of the present Agreement, if anything else is not directly indicated, the law- term “legislation” is understood as the legislation of the Russian Federation.

5.2. If due to this or that reason one or several clauses of the present Agreement will be acknowledged invalid or not having legal force, it does not influence the validity and applicability of other clauses of the Agreement.

5.3. Inactivity of LLC “Rnarod” in case the User or any other users break any clauses of the present Agreement does not exclude that LLC “Rnarod” has the right to take necessary actions later to protect its interests, and does not mean that LLC “Rnarod” rejects its rights in case similar actions/breaches take place henceforward.

5.4. The present Agreement is drawn up in Russian and in special cases it can be given to the User for review in another language. In case the Russian version of the Agreement has any discrepancies with any other translation of the Agreement to any other language, the clauses of the Russian version are with highest priority. .

6. Details of LLC “Rnarod”:

Name: LLC “Rnarod”

Legal address: 121596, Moscow, Gorbunova Str., h.2, corp.3

e-mail: support@rnarod.su