Giant Shark defeats Two Experienced Fisherman


  1. I know Im a little late to this video but my cool fishing story is it was me my dad and my brothers were night fishing in don pedro flordia and I was for some reason in charge of the big rod it was like maybe a 7-8ft tall rod and it was mounted into the sand anyways we were waiting for probably 2 hours when all of a sudden the rod bends about halfway down and the line breaks in all under maybe 3 seconds and this was like 70-80lb line. So whatever this fish was a monster not a little monster I mean the monster of the whole ocean

  2. Btw: These days josh thinks it was a great white and I agree, it's definitely an immensely heavy fish, runnin' slow for a hammer and Fightin' too hard for a hammer, whites get as long as Hammers and tigers, but way, way heavier and the big ones are strong, even though many people think they're weak, they aren't, not as strong as a same size hammer, but with they're size it's an unparalleled strength. Keep in mind, a 1000 pounder is still comparably small

  3. Без комментов, по акценту сразу понял, что он русский😅… Очень похоже как сказал Мутко: лет спик фром май харт🤣

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